Cooking Outdoors With a Chiminea

Cooking Equipment

Cooking outdoors is a popular pastime, especially during the summer months. We’ve already looked at how to create the perfect BBQ, and some of the food which can be cooked on it, but there are all kinds of options for cooking outdoors.

One popular outdoor cooking appliance is the chiminea. Usually made from metal, a fire is built inside and smoke is released through a chimney at the top. They’re an attractive way to heat outdoor spaces, and can also be used for cooking food. One option involves using the heat from the chimney, and placing pans on top of it to cook dishes like scrambled eggs or stews. Depending on the design of your chiminea, you may need an additional platform to place it on, but smoke should just be released from the front instead.

Most chimineas will come with a wire grill which can be placed over the fire, so you can also use this for cooking food. This operates in exactly the same way as a traditional BBQ, so it’s perfect for grilling meat, fish and vegetables. You can also use your chiminea like a pizza oven, placing the pizza on the grill to cook. Chimineas can be used with wood or charcoal, but it might be best to use charcoal to cook with. Test your chiminea a few times before cooking in it to ensure you know how to use it properly, and making sure it is properly ‘seasoned’ will mean the food tastes better too.

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