Ideas for Snacking on Vegetables

Cooking Techniques

A lot of people feel like they should be eating more vegetables, but often they don’t have many ideas when it comes to doing so. Here are some quick and delicious ways to make vegetable snacks to keep you going throughout the day:

  1. Kale chips. A quick and easy alternative to potato crisps. Try adding tamari for some extra flavour.
  2. Hummous. You can make it yourself and add vegetables in, such as peppers, and use it to dip vegetable sticks. Carrot and cucumber are especially good.
  3. Salsa. You can make it with all kinds of different vegetables, and can eat it with cracker bread as a healthy alternative to tortilla chips.
  4. Homemade vegetable soup. A small cup will make a satisfying snack.
  5. Vegetable juice. If you have a juicer, you can juice all kinds of vegetables to find a flavour you like.
  6. Vegetable dips. There are endless recipes around, and you can eat them with bread sticks, cracker bread or crudités.
  7. Skewers. Tomatoes and peppers are good candidates for putting onto a skewer, and you can make them more interesting with the addition of something like halloumi or feta cheese.
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