How to Cook Eggs Benedict

Cooking Techniques

Eggs Benedict is a delicious breakfast dish consisting of poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce on top of a sliced muffin. There is usually some kind of meat used on top of the muffins as well, often ham, bacon or salmon. For a vegetarian alternative, try large sliced field or portobello mushrooms.

Of course, the key to making the perfect Eggs Benedict is getting the poached eggs right. You want them to be runny in the middle but firm enough on the outside. Some people may choose to crack them directly into boiling water but this can be difficult to get right. There are lots of products on the market which help you to cook the perfect poached egg and they’re usually very cheap, so it might be worth the investment. They’re usually small pouches which need to be stood up in boiling water with the eggs inside.

You may also choose the make your own Hollandaise sauce, but again, this is challenging. It will taste just as good if you buy a ready-made one and it will be far less labour intensive as Hollandaise sauce requires a good deal of whisking. You will need to heat the sauce up, either in a pan or in the microwave, and serve it warm.

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