Cooking Knives – a Breakdown of the Different Types

Cooking Equipment

Chefs and ambitious cooks alike will probably have many different types of knife. They’re one of the most integral pieces of cooking equipment and will serve a multitude of purposes. The one you select will depend entirely on what you’re cooking and how it needs to be prepared. Here is a summary of the different kinds of cooking knives and how they can be used:

  • Serrated edge kitchen knife – the serrated blade will give more grip, so this kind of knife can be used to cut things like meat and hard vegetables.
  • Straight edge kitchen knife – use this for slicing. It will give you a precise cut and is best used for foods like salmon.
  • Paring knife – you will be able to get a range of paring knives with different blade shapes and sizes. They are generally used for more delicate slicing work and can be useful when slicing tomatoes.
  • Bread knife – as the name suggests, this is the perfect knife to cut bread. It will easily cut through thick crusts using a backwards and forwards slicing motion. The long serrated blade helps with this.
  • Chef’s knife – a multi-purpose piece of equipment with a thick blade that curves upwards slightly towards the end.
  • Cleaver – a powerful tool that’s useful for chopping up meat and poultry, and can cut through bone.
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