Catering for a children’s party


Children love a birthday party and although there are many venues that offer birthday party packages for children it is sometimes cheaper and more enjoyable to host the party at home if you have the space.

The key principle when planning the catering for a children’s party is to keep it simple. Most children will be unimpressed by extravagant displays of food and too many varieties of sandwich, so it is wise to keep to the most commonly favoured choices.

It is important to bear in mind that healthy options such as carrot batons and cucumber sticks should be provided alongside traditional favourites such as mini sausages and pizza slices. It is worth checking beforehand whether any of the guests have any allergies that need to be considered when planning the food choices and if there are any children who are vegetarian or vegan. Parents with children with severe allergies may prefer to provide their child’s own food for the party.

Jelly and ice cream are a traditional dessert offered at children’s parties but is often messy and not really popular so consider ready-made flavoured fromage frais pots as an alternative or individual pots of ice cream decorated with sugar strands.

Having a birthday cake is a must for any children’s party but individually wrapped cupcakes are more practical to be sent home instead.

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