Eating the right foods for your breakfast


When it comes to breakfasts, there is often not one meal that fits all. Some people need to eat different foods for breakfast than others. In the UK we often skip breakfast or have something very little, a larger meal for lunch and then the biggest meal of the day in the evening but this may not be the best idea. Your breakfast will set you up for the day ahead and should kick start your metabolism. For some, a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast gives them plenty of sustained energy, but if you find after a couple of hours (or less) you are feeling hungry or even tired then it probably means that your breakfast was not right for you. We should have a lot of protein for breakfast and ideally greens and oily fish. A good idea for a breakfast would be, eggs with spinach and salmon. This gives you a good amount of the foods needed and the protein will help keep you full. You need to ensure that your blood sugars are as balanced as possible as this will stop the cravings and allow you to feel more satisfied for longer rather than experiencing ups and downs of energy.

Try to avoid having caffeine first thing in the morning. Although you may think you need caffeine to wake you up you will often find that it is too stimulating and will give you a wake up but then very quickly you will tire. Try to have decaffeinated tea or coffee until you have had something to eat. It is a good idea to try and eat within an hour or so of walking up but for some, this is a struggle. If you find you are someone that cannot eat as soon as you get up try changing your routine slightly, so have a quick shower or do a ten minute jog and see if that alters things for you.

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