Should you invest in an air fryer?

Cooking Equipment

Air fryers have become increasing popular over the last few years as more and more people understand the importance of trying to eat healthily. Years ago, having deep fat fryers up and running a few times a week wasn’t really seen as much of an issue, but these can be extremely unhealthy and linked to many other health issues.

Air fryers allow you to have that crispy coating that you get from a deep fat fryer without having to have the lashings of oil. Air fryers work with either no or very little oil (often only a teaspoon) therefore drastically cutting down on the amount of fat that is absorbed into the food. The work by pumping hot air around the food crisping up the outside. It is very similar to the way an over works but because of the way the air is circulated, it does often seem to end up tasting a little different.

There are a number of different types of air fryers. The well known branded ones can cost in excess of £100 but you can pick up a more generic one for around £30-£40. Some of them have a function that rotates the food, others require you to remove the drawer and shake it part way through cooking. Unlike an oven, they do not need to heat up before you put the food in so offer a quicker way of cooking and often one that is more efficient.

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