Month: July 2021

Cutting sugar out of your diet

Sugar can be a hard habit to kick. Most of us have too much sugar in our diet and although you may not be piling the sugars in your tea, many of the foods we eat have hidden sugars in them. Cutting sugar from your diet can have many health benefits. It can help you lose weight or keep weight off, it can help to balance your hormones and can also help look after your teeth. Once you have made the decision to cut sugar from your diet, you then need to have a good look at the sorts of food you eat and decide which ones you are going to cut. Often you will experience headaches and can feel quite rough when you first cut down on your sugar, but this feeling will usually pass within a few days and it is important to keep going and stick with it during this time. IF you are diabetic then it may not be advisable for you to cut down on your sugar, so always check with a doctor. Keep reading