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“Thank you very much for your support. Come on down! Over 3 billion, I mean trillion, I mean zillion, served!”







Creative Catering

Each party, like the host, is different. So, call us and we can discuss what best suits your needs.


Wedding Cakes

Parties for Party Sake!


Current Available Party Packages —

$7.50 per person

Includes a sandwich platter with a variety of Debbie's unique sandwiches/wraps and specials.


$9.50 per person

Includes a sandwich platter and a dessert platter made up of a variety of Debbie's famous brownies, cowboy bars, dream bars, and mini cookies.


$11.50 per person

includes a sandwich platter, dessert platter, and a salad platter, which is anything from her delicious mac-and-potato salad to the one of a kind eggplant caponata.


$13.00 per person

You get it all! Sandwiches, desserts, salads, drinks, and paper products all included.

You can also call for options, as well. We love creative minds!




Sweets for the Sweet (or not so sweet…)

Our dessert case features an assortment of homemade cakes, cookies, fruit pies, sweet breads, and other delectable delights.



Whole cakes and pies are available to order within 48 hours notice.

A variety of mousse cheesecakes.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Fruit pies made with seasonal fruits.

Chocolate cake with assorted frostings.

Sour cream cake with assorted butter creams.

All kinds of brownies.

Fudge walnut pie.

Butter pecan pie.

Our famous brownies!


Boxes of assorted sweets are also available.


Wedding and other special occasion cakes can also be ordered.




Made with only the finest ingredients and served with homemade croutons.


Available in two standard sizes —

Small, 12oz.

Large, 16oz.




Along with traditional potato, macaroni or cole slaw, there is a bevy of other creative salads that change often.


Tossed salads in small, medium and large sizes are available, too.


Creative wraps, hoagies, sandwich platters, and large quantities of salads are available. Advanced notice is appreciated.


Salad orders are available in three standard sizes —

¼ lb.

½ lb.

1.0 lb.

* Larger quantities available upon request



Hot Foods

Fresh baked goods and fresh made foods are always cooking!




Choices of sandwich bread include —


Marble Rye


Whole Wheat

Hard Rolls

Homemade Bagel - plain, everything, raisen





1 Tuna salad with apples, nuts and cheddar $7.20
2 Turkey with garlic mayo, tomato, bacon, and Swiss cheese $7.99
3 Roast beef with sour cream, horse radish spread, and red onion $6.99
4 Egg salad with bacon and provolone cheese $7.20
5 Roast pork with cranberry mayo, sliced apple and Swiss cheese $7.20
6 Smoked turkey with baked ham, apricot mustard, spinach, and cheddar $7.20
7 Liverwurst with hot mustard, red onion and sliced egg $6.99
8 Salami with cappicola, provolone, onions, and peppers $7.20
9 Smoked turkey with garlic mayo, pears and cheddar $7.20
10 Three cheeses with assorted vegetables $7.20
11 Roast pork with garlic mayo, spinach, tomato, and provolone $7.20
12 Turkey with cranberry mayo, sliced apple, and smoked gouda $7.20
13 Corned beef with pastrami, cole slaw, and
Swiss cheese
14 Roast beef with Russian dressing, red onion, tomato, and dill Havarti $7.20
15 Baked ham with egg salad, tomato and spinach $7.20
16 Turkey with garlic mayo, tomato, spinach, and dill Havarti $7.20


In addition, there are 4 sandwich specials daily. Click here to sign up for the Debbie's Kitchen Weekly Newsletter to tell you about each week's specials!


Also, please feel free to create your own combination!

* Priced accordingly