Making a Burrito


It wasn’t too long ago that finding Mexican food in the UK was very difficult, but over the last ten years or so, it has been a quickly growing trend. We’ve seen the introduction of fajitas, taco, and enchiladas ready meals, and even the odd Mexican restaurant here and there.

There is a pretty big difference though, between making something from a packet and making it from scratch. Here’s a recipe for a good, vegetarian, bean-based burrito:

What you need to get is half a cup of refried beans (vegetarian), half an avocado, a large tortilla, some pico de gallo (however much you want – it’s what makes it spicy), and some lettuce. Once you’ve gathered these ingredients, you need to heat up the tortilla, to stop it being brittle, and then lay it down. The first ingredient you add is the refried beans, followed by the avocado, then the lettuce, and finally the pico de gallo. After you’ve done this, you just fold up the tortilla, and you have a burrito.

The trick with making a burrito is actually with how you fold it. You actually should be laying the ingredients down after you’ve already planned how to do this, and the best way is by laying them out length-wise across the tortilla, with about an inch left empty on either end. You then take both those sides (the ones with only an inch of space, not the ones with 3-4 inches) and fold them back over onto the ingredients, and afterwards grab one of the sides and fold it all the way over to the opposite side of the tortilla, and then tucking it underneath the ingredients, and finally rolling it. Hey presto! you have a burrito.

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