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Catering for a children’s party

Children love a birthday party and although there are many venues that offer birthday party packages for children it is sometimes cheaper and more enjoyable to host the party at home if you have the space. The key principle when planning the catering for a children’s party is to keep it simple. Most children will be unimpressed by extravagant displays of food and too many varieties of sandwich, so it is wise to keep to the most commonly favoured choices. It is important to bear in mind that healthy options such as carrot batons and cucumber sticks should be provided alongside traditional favourites such as mini sausages and pizza slices. It is worth checking beforehand whether any of the guests have any allergies that need to be considered when planning the food choices and if there are any children who are vegetarian or vegan. Parents with children with severe allergies may prefer to provide their child’s own food for the party. Jelly and ice cream are a traditional dessert offered at children’s parties but is often messy and Keep reading

Getting a Stall at a Food Market

Food markets are a good platform for showcasing your food and your catering skills, making sure you have a captive audience who are looking to buy your food. If you are new to the industry, a market can help you to find new customers and spread the word about your catering business. If you live in an area that has a market, see whether you can secure a stall. You will often have to pay for the stall and provide your own equipment, though some things like tables and cookers may be there already. For chefs and caterers who specialising in a certain type of cuisine, this is a great opportunity. You can make a name for yourself cooking the kinds of food you enjoy the most, showing people what you are capable of. Offer a few varieties, but not too many – at markets, people expect the food to be good, accessible, quick and affordable.

Hiring Equipment as an Events Manager

As an events manager, it is often within your remit to ensure that all necessary equipment is at an event. However, it isn’t practical for you to own all of the materials yourself, not least because your clients will want so many different things. In this instance, it will usually be necessary for you to hire equipment out. Luckily for you, there are many companies that specialise in events hire. You will usually be able to hire a vast range of equipment, from marquees and bars to small items like cutlery and crockery. Many of these companies can be found online and will have their full product list available for you to see. If you choose to work with one specific event hire company, they may possibly be able to give you loyalty and bulk hiring discounts. Build up the relationship over time to get the best deals for your events.