Christmas Catering for Vegetarians


Vegetarians are not difficult to cater for – especially if you are a skilled catering professional. You should have plenty of ideas about how different flavours and textures will work together, creating a beautiful end result. However, there are so many bad vegetarian Christmas dishes around, and it can make a vegetarian quite nervous on Christmas day.

Make sure the dish you cook has plenty of flavours. Many vegetarians get bored with dry nut roasts, or with some flavourless butternut squash. All these ingredients and recipe ideas are good, but they need to have flavour. Make a vegetarian a great nut roast and they will be happy. It just needs to be tender and have interesting flavours within it.

Think about having a couple of options. Vegetarians don’t all like exactly the same thing, in the same way as some meat eaters love turkey and some prefer duck. Ask if they like meat substitutes and check their preferences.

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