How to make a healthy dish that all the family can enjoy


If you are trying to go on a diet or just follow a healthy eating plan it can be hard to get the whole family involved. You may not want to be cooking two or three different meals each meal time and it is good for everyone to try and eat healthy. A recent survey shows that lots of people say they do not like eating healthy foods as much because they find them very bland. This may be because they are often not covered in a sauce or because they have the dressings stripped away, but healthy eating does not have to be dull and boring.

There are some great recipe books out there that can give you ideas for foods to cook that are packed full of flavour. Often even just a bit of salt and pepper can really change an entire dish.

Slow cooked meals allow the flavours time to really mature and pass into the meat or vegetables. Using ingredients like diet coke to cook chicken or gammon will add a touch of sweetness without the added sugar. An air fryer is another great choice when it comes to heathy eating. Many things can be cooked in there with little or no oil making them much healthier than traditional deep fat fryers.

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