Month: June 2021

Adding vegetables into your cooking

Not many of us eat as many fruits and veg portions as we should each day. Often it can be hard to get children to eat different vegetables and even some adult’s struggle. A great way to get vegetables into every meal is through blending and dicing. If you are cooking a spaghetti bolognaise then you often you may put in mushrooms and onions but often these are the two vegetables that children least like. If you find that they are always picking them out then why not blend them up. They then go into the sauce and often they will eat the meal without even realising they have eaten the veg. You can also blend or dice up carrots and celery to add to a bolognaise to give it even more nutritional value. Sometimes children are more likely to try new foods if they have helped prepare them or if they are presented in a fun way. Getting your child involved in cooking from a young age is a great way for them to create a healthy Keep reading