Reducing your carb intake


Carbs are one of those food groups that many of us crave. Carbs can be found it a huge number of foods but there are different types and they vary greatly in amounts from food to food. For example, white bread and pasta contain a huge number of carbs. Although we need some carbs and these are the foods that often give us energy and keep us feeling full, too many can lead to weight gain and a sluggish or bloated feeling.

Cutting down on carbs is often one of the best ways to lose weight but it is not always easy to do. To start with you may decide to switch some carbs for others. For example, switching from white bread and pasta to wholemeal is often the first step to take. This will reduce the amount of carbs you take it but also wholemeal is a more complex carb and so can be better for your body to break down.

Another way people combat carbs is to do something called carb cycling. This allows you to have days when you eat very few carbs but often high fats and days when you eat more carbs. This can work well for many as they don’t feel like they are missing out completely.

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