Cooking Outdoors With a Chiminea

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Cooking outdoors is a popular pastime, especially during the summer months. We’ve already looked at how to create the perfect BBQ, and some of the food which can be cooked on it, but there are all kinds of options for cooking outdoors. One popular outdoor cooking appliance is the chiminea. Usually made from metal, a fire is built inside and smoke is released through a chimney at the top. They’re an attractive way to heat outdoor spaces, and can also be used for cooking food. One option involves using the heat from the chimney, and placing pans on top of it to cook dishes like scrambled eggs or stews. Depending on the design of your chiminea, you may need an additional platform to place it on, but smoke should just be released from the front instead. Most chimineas will come with a wire grill which can be placed over the fire, so you can also use this for cooking food. This operates in exactly the same way as a traditional BBQ, so it’s perfect for grilling meat, fish Keep reading

The George Foreman Grill

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At the time of its release, the George Foreman grill was truly revolutionary; it allowed people to grill their own food without bathing it in fats and oils which could mean their health was harmed. Nowadays, the George Foreman grill has a number of copies out there, all of which are perfectly fine as a grill. The new variations of the foreman grill have a number of options which increase the value of the device even further. For instance the floating hinge; this is a hinge which can accommodate any size of meat or vegetable, or even multiple sizes, as it will rise up further to ensure an even grill to anything you place in the grill, to a reasonable size, as well as dish-washable grill plates.

The Value a Slow Cooker Can Have For Your Kitchen

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A slow cooker is one of those truly indispensable additions to anybody’s kitchen, as, despite the name, it is a great time saving device, and produces far tastier food than a microwave. So what is a slow cooker? A slow cooker is a cooking device that runs over extended periods of time (cooking things slowly), which makes one of the situations it is most commonly used in is for working people looking to quickly add a bunch of things to a pot in the morning so that they can come home and have dinner ready for them. It uses very small amounts of energy, comparable to a light bulb, so it is actually more energy efficient than most other methods of cooking. You can cook a lot of different meals with a slow cooker, but typically you produce sauce heavy meals and stews. You can also cook things like lasagne, shepherds pie and a lot more.

Making Your Own Pizza

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Unless you’re prepared to fail a few times, your best option with making your own pizza is to buy a ready made base, which is what this instruction will focus upon. There are three essential ingredients for any pizza; the base, the tomato paste and mozzarella. In addition to these you can add any number of toppings, with some of the most common being pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and ham. To start your pizza off you need to apply the tomato paste. This will bind all of the other ingredients to the base while it is being prepared and when it is cooked. After this you need to add the toppings you want, followed finally by the mozzarella. Once you’ve finished preparing your pizza you need to put it into the oven. They should always be placed on a flat baking tray, and put into an oven at around 200 degrees centigrade. The oven should be preheated well in advance in order to ensure a proper cooking. The whole cooking process can take anywhere from 15-22 minutes depending upon Keep reading

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Barbecue and Grill

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It can be very easy to allow your barbecuing set to fall into disrepair, and most people don’t really feel that the stakes are very high anyway. Unless you know some simple tips it can also be quite a difficult task which will require a lot of effort. Firstly, keeping your barbecue station is pretty important. Making sure that any ash left over from old sessions with the barbecue are cleared away is very important as this ash can blow around once your fire starts and get into your food, and it can also impact the amount of oxygen which will reach the fire. Secondly, you should try to keep your grill clean. Ideally you would do this at the end of every session as the carbon and grime can build up over time and will periodically attach itself to the food you’re cooking and make the food stick to your grill even more. To clean your grill, the best time is while it is still hot. This is because the grease and oils will still be liquid Keep reading