Day: July 26, 2016

Simple Changes for Healthier Meals

Cooking Techniques
It can be very easy to eat too many foods containing high amounts of fat and sugar, especially if eating takeaways and ready meals. Eating more healthily is about making lifestyle changes, finding ways to replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Here are some inventive ideas to help you swap everyday unhealthy foods with more nutritious alternatives: Use shredded courgette instead of pasta. Simply peel it into long, thin strips and then fry until softened. You can eat it with sauces and dressings in the same way that you would eat pasta. Eat wholemeal bread or wraps instead of brown bread. The seeds contain fibre, and brown bread is made from complex carbohydrates that are good for you and will keep you full for longer. Swap fatty meats for fish of chicken. These will still give you the protein that you need, without the fat. Swap crisps for low fat popcorn. This is still a satisfying and quick food to snack on, but it is much lower in calories. Choose natural, home-made food instead of processed options. Keep reading