Making Your Own Pizza

Cooking Techniques

Unless you’re prepared to fail a few times, your best option with making your own pizza is to buy a ready made base, which is what this instruction will focus upon.

There are three essential ingredients for any pizza; the base, the tomato paste and mozzarella. In addition to these you can add any number of toppings, with some of the most common being pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and ham.

To start your pizza off you need to apply the tomato paste. This will bind all of the other ingredients to the base while it is being prepared and when it is cooked. After this you need to add the toppings you want, followed finally by the mozzarella.

Once you’ve finished preparing your pizza you need to put it into the oven. They should always be placed on a flat baking tray, and put into an oven at around 200 degrees centigrade. The oven should be preheated well in advance in order to ensure a proper cooking. The whole cooking process can take anywhere from 15-22 minutes depending upon the thickness of the crust and the amount of ingredients, so it is best to occasionally check and only pull your pizza out when it golden and crispy.

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